A Creature is a children's picture book that aims to build appreciation for an animal that contributes greatly to daily life, in a way that does not personify the animal.  The story is a series of poems that form a narrative about a rooster and a flock of chickens.  Whilst the book does not place human characteristics upon the creatures, there are several human lessons to be learned from it. A Creature is certainly more than your traditional children's picture book!

The 36 page book was written and illustrated by Catherine Warren in 2015. A self-published work, it is Catherine's first book. 

In February 2016 Catherine Warren launched a Crowdfunder through the New Zealand website, Pledgeme.co.nz.  Her Crowdfunder met it's target and she was able to meet the costs of the first print of the book.  

Now that A Creature has been published, you can currently buy it online here at acreature.com/shop/




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